Baby Music and Its Top Benefits Explained

There are many benefits of baby music for our babies. Some are more obvious than others. That special moment you get when enjoying music together. Even if only a split second with your baby. Most people enjoy music together with your baby as a beautiful moment between you and your baby. There are though many more advantages of moo music for your baby. So let’s find out what some of these are.

Benefits of baby music infograph

Parent and Child Bonding

When together with your child, you share a connection, for example, if you’re singing a lullaby. You would most likely be touching. Pay attention to your baby through eye contact and Using your voice as a form of communication. These are the main concepts of how babies learn to bond. Maggie Moo Music incorporates gentle movements to the rhythm of the music. With the use of Musical props and instruments. There are many ways parents can connect with their babies. One of the great things about music is that everyone loves it. Everyone can learn simple interactive musical games together.


Creativity is the process of original ideas through exploring and discovering new things. Music and movement classes further enhance this by engaging curiosity and the imagination of your baby. Touching, hearing, and acting can further develop a love of music and learning. Babies and children are curious by nature. They will always enjoy listening to the different sounds of the music while using maracas or bells to repeat sounds from a music and movement class. Leading to a fun way to stimulate the young brains to trigger their creative talents through art from the likes of a Maggie Moo Class. Early exposure to music can also help develop a lifetime love of music. Check out Children’s Musical Play: Musicality and Creativity for more reading.

Language and literacy

Babies and infants learn a lot of skills from hearing. At this early age, most children learn most of their language from other people. Thus, children only enjoy exposure to the voices like when singing in a baby music class. Children like the sounds in music, attracted to them by the melodies and sound patterns. Learning music at a young age has a positive effect on the brain. Young children receive help with language through hearing lyrics of songs. Children can make a connection between what they experience and what they hear. For example, In a Baby Moo class, we use movements in alignment with singing and sign language. Leading to babies learning the word and what it means through the movement associated. Check this article Music improves baby brain responses to music and speech from the University of Washington.


Music and movement have a positive effect on the cognitive development of a baby. Stimulating natural pathways that help promote critical thinking and aid problem-solving components like developing psychomotor, emotional, and social skills. The use of patterns, tones, and rhythms Helps the brain become more efficient and better at transmitting the information. Through exposure to music and movement sessions like that of Maggie Moo Music. Babies perform better in sectors like speech, listening, and language development.


Music and movement is such easy and natural way to aid physical development in children.

Babies love to engage with music when using instruments. Like maracas, help initial fine motor control. These little steps are the building blocks that help start the more complex motor skills. Like, body movements such as dancing and skipping. Repetition through music and movement helps foster strength and stamina. Through doing the same action to the rhythm of the music. Enhanced Hand-eye coordination through the use of instruments to the music. A study from “McMaster University” found that very early musical training benefits children even before they can walk or talk. They found that one-year-old babies who participate in interactive music classes with their parents smile more, communicate better and show earlier and more sophisticated brain responses to music”.

Social and Emotional

Singing and dancing at Maggie Moo Music is a great way to have a social and emotional experience. Music and Movement classes such as Maggie Moo Music will help encourage, Share and take turns. It’s very natural in a Music and movement setting as babies will pass instruments such as toy rattles and maracas back and forth while also listening and waiting to their favorite part of a song. For toddlers and preschoolers, music-making can be a dynamic social learning experience. By making music together, children learn to work as a team while contributing to a song in their way. Additional benefits of music for children include learning cooperation, compromise, creativity, and concentration – skills. Invaluable later as they enter school and face new challenges when making new friendships and developing social skills.

baby on its own playing Maggie Moo musical instruments



There are many benefits to baby music but bringing children and music together is a win-win for every part of a Children’s development as it’s beautiful and most enjoyable. Music should be enjoyed in different ways, going to a mummy and me class or some music playing in the background for your baby.

Every day your baby is making discoveries. Baby Moo Music is a sensory Music session aimed at babies. From birth until they are walking. At Baby Moo, we use singing, age-appropriate instruments, and props. The exploration of sound, repetition of songs, and activities. Such as keeping a steady beat will develop a lifelong love of music in your little one.

For a baby music class in your area. Check Maggie Moo Music.

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