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Want to run your own moo

Business opportunity Maggie Moo Music and Make a difference in your local community—become a Maggie Moo Music Farmer! The Maggie Moo Music Business Opportunity is a truly unique, flexible, exciting, energetic, and fun children’s business opportunity allowing you the chance to be a stay-at-home mum. Although a music business opportunity, you don’t have to be musical to run it! We guarantee it will change your life for the better.

Business opportunity Maggie Moo Music

Bring Music Classes to Your Neighborhood

At Maggie Moo Music, it’s our mission to make the world better. That’s where you come in! To bring Maggie Moo Music to your community, apply for a license here to start your own classes. (It’s easier than you think!)

Business opportunity Maggie Moo Music is great if you love children, music and would enjoy being your own boss, Maggie Moo Music might be a perfect fit for you! As a licensee, you can offer family and in-school moosical classes in your area. 

Starting your own Maggie Moo Music business is an exciting career choice that requires only a small financial investment, and no special business training or formal music credentials. We provide all the help you’ll need to get started! Many of our most successful licensees fell in love with Maggie Moo Music while taking classes with their own children. 

Speak to Head Farmer Kirsty by booking a Maggie Moo Music Discovery call below: 

Build A Business. Change Lives. Have Fun

Maggie Moo Music is the perfect business opportunity for entrepreneurs who understand the developmental importance of the early childhood years, and who love being with and engaging children and their caregivers in rich, interactive, sensory-driven learning experiences. We give you the tools and curricula to teach every child, from the youngest infants to school-aged children, allowing you to make a real difference in the lives of children and families. 

License Your Own Maggie Moo Music Business

To offer Maggie Moo Music classes, you first have to obtain a license from Maggie Moo Music. You then become a licensed Farmer and receive our permission to use the Maggie Moo Music program. In return, you pay a license fee and agree to meet certain standards to ensure the quality of the experience for families.   We want to reach as many children as possible, please contact [email protected] to learn more about the opportunities in your area.

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Why Do Maggie Moo Music

by Hannah aged 3¼

Maggie Moo Music songs and sessions are great fun for children and parents/carers really love them too.

Music is an essential part of our development and we find the songs positive, uplifting, fun, and educational. We’re constantly learning while we have fun.

The interactive sessions help us gain confidence and help develop our memory, language, and coordination skills in an exciting, enjoyable, and multi-sensory way. 

It’s a great way for us to make new friends… even our parents seem to have made some new friends. Sometimes when the sessions are over, the parents carry on talking for what seems like forever!

All songs are written for us by a professional songwriter and recorded by professional musicians, vocalists using real instruments. Although the music and songs are written especially for us, our parents and carers really enjoy it too. They are always happy to oblige when we ask for Moo Music to be played at home or in the car.

Maggie Moo and her friends play music all day long, and there are loads of songs about being down on the farm and all the animals you find there. There are songs about wild animals and pets. There are songs about journeys and traveling, and all the different types of transport we can use. There are songs to help us learn about ourselves, and songs to help learn about the world around us. There are songs to stimulate our senses, lots of songs with actions and movements, songs to dance to, songs about music and instruments, songs that help us count. Songs to play games to and songs about the things that we love to do. There are sing-along songs, story songs, and some downright silly songs! There are songs to help us interact with our friends and meet each other and songs to help celebrate special days. 

Business opportunity Maggie Moo Music

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