The Best Children’s Music Activities For Parents

When the topic of activities for children comes up, the thoughts of moms quickly go to their children’s songbooks and activity books. These types of activity books are great! But have you ever wondered what else can be done together as a family? When kids get bored with typical coloring and games or crafts, it might be time to try something new. Below I’ve outlined what I think are some of the best kid’s music activities that parents can do with their children while having a ton of fun. The key is to choose an activity that sparks interest and captures your child’s attention.

Young child playing with a green guitar

Maggie Moo Music

There are so many benefits to using Maggie Moo Music USA in your child’s life. It helps them learn how to follow directions, it teaches them how to listen and obey, it helps with their hand-eye coordination, and it helps them feel good about themselves when they succeed!

If you want your child to learn more about music while playing with their friends or family members, then Maggie Moo Music USA is the perfect solution for you! Here’s what maggie moo music is all about:

Maggie Moo Music USA is a fun way for kids to learn about music by interacting with their peers and adults positively. The songs in their library are designed to help kids develop their listening skills and their ability to follow directions. This means that when your child hears a song from Maggie Moo Music, they will know exactly what actions need to be taken next!

These songs are perfect for children who love singing along with others or participating in group activities.

Singing Time

Singing Time with children is a great activity for parents and kids to do together. It’s a great way to bond with your child and makes for a fun family activity.

Singing time can be done anytime, but it’s especially good for bedtime. You can sing songs about bedtime, or about going to sleep, like “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

Here are some other ideas for singing time:

Sing songs from your childhood. Find some old records that have songs on them that you enjoyed as a kid, and play them for your kids. They’ll love hearing the music from their parents’ childhoods!

Sing along with a musical instrument or toy. Play different instruments together (like drums, guitar, or piano) or make sounds with toys (like rattles).

Reading Rhymes

Pick out a book you both like. This can be one that you or your child has already read before or one that you haven’t read before but that interests both of you. You could also choose a book about something in particular, such as dinosaurs or baseball.

Choose a story that has rhythm so that you can read it aloud in time with its beat. This will help make the reading more fun for everyone involved!

Start reading at whatever point in the story seems most interesting or exciting to both of you. If there is a part where someone gets hurt or has an accident, skip over that part until later when things have calmed down again so that no one becomes too worried about what will happen next in the story!

Make your own music!

One of the best ways to get kids excited about music is by making it yourself! You don’t have to be an expert musician or even know how to play an instrument, but if you have some basic knowledge of music, then you’ll be able to teach your child about different genres and styles of music.

One fun activity that we love doing with our son is making up songs together. We’ll sing nonsense words together until we come up with something catchy enough for both of us to remember. Then we’ll start singing it over and over again until we have the lyrics memorized. We’ve had so much fun coming up with silly songs like this!


Most children love music and are captivated by anything that involves it. From its soothing rhythms to the striking melodies, kids love music. Music also helps them become better students and helps them to calm down and focus while allowing them to release stress. There will hardly be any child who will be uninterested in music. So do connect with your child today by exploring these top children’s music activities that guarantee fun, learning, and entertainment all mingled into one. For more information on Maggie Moo Music classes please click here or visit our website.

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