Calming music for babies

Playing calming music for your baby can be a fun way to help calm them down. This guide will tell you what kind of music to play, and why it helps.

baby listening to calming music playing maracas

Calm and soothing music for newborns and babies up to the age of 2.

Whether you’re a new parent or have been there, done that, and are now looking for some calming music to help your little one fall asleep, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 7 of our favorite gentle songs for babies and toddlers:

  • “Hush Little Baby” – Dona Onete (Brazil)
  • “Baby Mine” – Walt Disney (Bambi)
  • “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” – Traditional English Nursery Rhyme
  • “Rock-a-bye Baby” – Traditional English Nursery Rhyme
  • “You Are My Sunshine” – Jimmie Davis (1940)
  • “Cradle Song” – Sting/Luke Cale (1998)
  • “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” – Elton John/Tim Rice (1994)

Music that will help their little minds grow and develop.

Music is a powerful tool that can have a positive impact on the development of your child. It has been proven scientifically that music helps to develop motor skills, social skills, cognitive skills, and emotional skills in children. Music also helps to develop language skills for children who are learning to speak or can’t talk yet. It does this by helping them with their memory and attention span so they can remember what they’ve learned from previous lessons when you teach them again later on in life.

Focusing music for toddlers.

Because of the way it engages your toddler’s brain, music can be a great tool for helping them focus and learn. If your toddler is struggling with concentrating at school or at home, try playing some calming music while they work. For example:

  • While you’re driving long distances with your toddler in the car, play some classical or relaxing classical music on the radio. (You don’t have to listen too closely—just put on an album that you like and let it play.) You’ll find that your child will be less fidgety when they’re listening to something besides generic pop hits from their favorite television show.
  • When cooking dinner for yourself and your family, put on some soothing tunes instead of turning on the TV for background noise. Not only will this help them behave better at mealtime (because they have something pleasant happening in front of them), but it will also serve as a distraction from their whining about eating vegetables!
  • Cleaning up after dinner can be a lot of work if you don’t have good music going! Try putting on classical pieces or light jazz while doing dishes so that everyone feels relaxed during those final moments before bedtime begins!

Here are some songs that can help calm children down.

  • Baby Lullabies: These are songs that parents sing to their children as a way of soothing them to sleep. The most famous example is “Rock-a-Bye Baby”, which was written in 1884.
  • Classical music: This can be instrumental or vocal, and often has a slow tempo. If your baby likes listening to the radio, set it on classical music stations so they can get used to the sound while they’re young!
  • Nature sounds: These include sounds found in nature like ocean waves crashing onto the shore; wind blowing through trees; birds chirping; rain falling down from clouds onto leaves underneath (or something similar). You might even consider getting some CDs made up with these kinds of noises if you want something more permanent than just playing them out loud on your computer speakers every night before bedtime (and then turning it off when everyone falls asleep).


It’s important to note that the sound of a parent’s voice is one of the most comforting sounds for a baby, so talking to your baby while you help them get ready for sleep can be helpful as well. It’s also important that music be used in conjunction with other calming techniques like rocking and swaddling. We hope this list of songs helps you calm your baby down and get some rest for yourself!

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