why are bedtime songs important?


There’s nothing more soothing or calming than a bedtime song to get your baby prepared for sleep. Read on to learn about the benefits of singing before sleep.

A mummy sing bedtime songs to baby in a white cot

Helps to get the children asleep faster

  • Children are more receptive to sleep cues, such as the dimming of lights and the relaxing sounds of a lullaby.
  • Music has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress levels in children, which makes them more likely to fall asleep.
  • The voices of parents or caretakers can be calming for young children because they’re used to this voice from birth onwards.
  • Stories made into songs provide information about the world around us, which helps kids develop a sense of security in knowing where they fit into this world and how things work in it. This also helps with establishing boundaries between reality and fantasy (i.e., what is real vs what only exists in storybooks).

Helps to slowly close down their bodies and minds

As a parent, you’re already familiar with the importance of winding down. You know that it’s not just about getting your kids to bed, but also about preparing them for sleep. This can be done through bedtime songs and stories.

Bedtime songs or lullabies are an excellent way to help your children get ready for sleep. They teach relaxation techniques, set the tone for good sleep habits, and ensure that everyone in your family has a great night’s rest.

There are some great benefits when you start using bedtime songs at home:

  • Children who listen to music before going to sleep have a better quality of sleep than those who don’t, according to research.
  • Listening to music after school may help promote better behavior during class time because it reduces stress levels during the day according to a study from UTHealth published in Pediatrics journal found that children who listened daily had lower levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) than those who didn’t listen at all or only occasionally.*

helps with the regulation of breathing and heart rate

  • It helps to regulate breathing and heart rate.
  • It helps to slow down the body.
  • It helps to relax the muscles.
  • It helps to reduce anxiety, stress, and pain.

These are just a few of the benefits that bedtime songs can bring you when you’re trying to get your little one off to sleep at night!

helps them relax and take stock of their day

Singing bedtime songs before sleep is a great way for your child to process their day and relax. Many of the clearest memories we have are actually from childhood, so singing a song about what happened that day will help them remember it more clearly. Singing also helps them relax, which is especially important as they transition into sleep. Additionally, singing helps children think about the things that happened today and think about what they have learned today!

helps prepare them for deep sleep

Bedtime songs are important because they help your child prepare for the end of the day. When you sing to them, it helps them relax and take stock of their day. It also helps them close down their bodies and minds so they can get to sleep faster, and get to sleep sooner.

promotes bonding between parent and child

While the child and parent may sing separate songs, they can also choose to sing together. The parent sings a song to their child, while the child sings along with them. In this case, both parties are singing the same tune and the same words at different times.

This type of bonding is important for parents because it provides them with an opportunity to show their children that they love them through song. It also allows for some quality time between parent and child as well as shared experiences that will be remembered later in life by both parents and children alike

promotes attachment in the younger years

Bedtime songs are important for children to learn how to express their feelings. The words of these songs can help them understand and identify the emotions that they feel. For example, if you sing “Hush Little Baby,” your child will learn that it is okay to cry and be upset at times, but they should also know that it’s good to feel safe when they go to bed at night.

Bedtime songs help your child go to sleep, but it’s about more than just getting them to fall asleep.

Bedtime songs are about more than just getting your child to fall asleep. They’re also an important step toward helping your child relax and prepare for sleep, which can make all the difference in their quality of sleep.

Bedtime songs help you bond with your child as well as prepare them for deep sleep. As you sing together, you share a special time together that bonds the two of you in sweet harmony.

Bedtime songs help regulate the breathing and heart rate of both parents and children alike, which can lead to improved restful sleep for everyone involved in these nightly rituals!


You want your child to fall asleep as fast as possible. You want them to take stock of their day, relax and breathe deeply, regulate their heart rate, and get ready for a night of deep sleep. If you are able to sing a song that can make all this easier, then it is well worth the effort.

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